MENTORING Shining Brighter Because Of One Another

Dated: 05/06/2019

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Shining Brighter Because of One Another.

  "The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”
- Steven Spielberg  

    Even the brightest bulbs share the same electricity. I have always looked at life as a learning experience, and when you're running a business, you have to remember what it was like starting out. You feel a bit lost, and the truth is, you have to find a mentor that inspires you.

    Where I am now, not only do I always have someone to bounce ideas off of, but I also am a mentor for other agents entering into the business. It becomes clear to me that the best way we grow, the only way we learn, is through connecting with others. In this way, we're much like lightbulbs, feeding off of the same electricity, and when a good idea comes, it lights up a pathway to success.
   The biggest lesson I continue to cultivate is the idea of working your business from the outside, not within. Leverage that which isn't imperative to growth, and you'll always be focused on growth and moving forward. 

What's something you've seen work in terms of what you do? 

   It could be a lesson you've learned about people, processes, or simply how to succeed. I am always encouraging a learning mind over any other perspective, and the best lessons come from the stories of how we persevere. 

Our mission is to care enough about people to bring value to their lives through home ownership. 
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MENTORING Shining Brighter Because Of One Another

Shining Brighter Because of One Another.

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